5 Best Female Rock Climbers

The 5 best female rock climbers are all accomplished climbers known for their achievements in rock climbing. These five ladies all developed a passion for rock climbing at an early age.

  1. Katie Brown. Katie Brown is one of the best female rock climbers ever and resides in Boulder, Colorado. She is a former world champion rock climber, is a well-known writer about rock climbing and is known as one of the best female rock climbers. Brown is a Rock Climbing Ambassador for the company Patagonia, an outdoor clothing business and writes a column for the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper.
  2. Beth Rodden. Rodden is an accomplished American rock climber known well as one of the best female rock climbers. She began climbing in 1995 and won Junior National JCCA Championships for climbing in 1996, 1997 and 1998. She was the first woman to ascend on a 5.14 climb; which is considered extremely difficult.
  3. Catherine Destivelle. Destivelle grew up in Paris, France and learned to rock climb at an early age because of her father’s outdoor passion for climbing. As a child she visited the forest of Fontainebleau often and this is where her rock climbing passion began. She began competing in 1985 at the age of 25. She has climbed many hills and mountains and is highly regarded as one of the best female rock climbers ever.
  4. Tori Allen. Allen developed a deep love for rock climbing as a child climbing trees in the jungles in Africa. She currently lives in Indiana and began climbing walls at age 10. She is ranked today as one of the best female rock climbers.
  5. Lynn Hill. Lynn Hill is known as one of the best female rock climbers. She began climbing when she was fourteen in Southern California. She has now been climbing for over thirty years and says her body knows how to climb. This has helped her climbing efforts become easier over the years.



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