5 Best Female Sex Dolls

When deciding on the 5 best female sex dolls, there are multiple things to discern. What is best for one may not be the best for another. If you are an ass man, the orally suited dolls may not float your boat. For the cuddling man who needs lots of attention, the large rumped varieties may just bore you. When choosing the best sex doll for you, take into consideration just what type of sexual pleasure you desire the most from your toy before purchasing.

  1. RealDoll. Topping the list of best female sex dolls is the toy that fools onlookers into believing your latex lady is real. Ranging in price up to $10,000 as of 2010, these beauties have real appearing breasts in the size of your choice. Their hair color, length and texture is completely up to you as are their eyes, skin tone and mouth type. They have 3 realistic openings which only require a small amount of lube to get the party started.
  2. CyberSkin Sex Dolls. For the male who is a bit dominate the best female sex dolls may be part of this series. The complete female latex body is positioned in a missionary position with arms laying on the stomach. This allows for handcuffs or other bondage items to be attached to the feet and wrists. The doll offers a vaginal and anal opening, both easily accessible from a top position.
  3. Virtual Girl. Sitting in the corner, on he couch or on the bed, this entry on the list of best female sex dolls is ready at any time. Made fully of latex, she sits in a cowboy squat with mouth, vagina and anus open and ready.
  4. Young and Hot Doll. While inflatable, this one still makes the list of best female sex dolls. Her latex vagina and anus both vibrate for intense pleasure.
  5. Hanna Harper Love Doll. Rounding out the list of best female sex dolls is the doll with porn star Hanna Harper's face. The realistic face is attached to an inflatable latex body. It includes a vibrating vagina and anus.



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