5 Best Female Surfers

The 5 best female surfers are not only good at riding the waves, they also look spectacular doing it. Surfing is considered to be a man's sport, but in recent years many more females are getting our attention as they demonstrate that they can do everything a man can do… and sometimes they can even do it better. Check out these beautiful and successful surfer chicks.

  1. Alana Blanchard. This shapely young lady is the best female surfer because of her good looks and the fact that she qualified for the 2009 ASP Women's World Tour at only 18-years-old. She is also a two-time Pipeline champion and is the face and body of surf company Rip Curl.
  2. Laura Enever. Another one of the best 5 surfers is Laura Enever. She has won the 2010 Women's ASP World Junior Championship and the 2008 Rookie of the Year for Triple Crown among other titles. Not only is she a great surfer, she is also beautiful.
  3. Bruna Schmitz. This Brazilian beauty is another one of the best female surfers. She has a 2010 rating of 16 and is sponsored by Roxy wetsuits and clothing as well as Lui Lui footwear.
  4. Anastasia Ashley. This woman makes the list of the best 5 female surfers because of her good looks, not being shy about her body, and her career stats. She won the professional surf tour at the young age of 16 and has been gracing the cover of magazines ever since. When she first started surfing, she had to compete against boys because female surfers were not commonplace.
  5. Sally Fitzgibbons. This Australian beauty is one of the best female surfers and can actually do the sport better than most men. She has ranked fifth in the 2009 ASP World Tour and has an entire list of surfing accomplishments. Did we mention that she is also hot?
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