5 Best Field Hockey Gifts

The 5 best field hockey gifts may not be available at your local retail outlet, but are out there. Field hockey is not as common as many other team sports in certain parts of the world. A person interested in the sport may not have a league in their area. Finding a gift for these people can be a bit challenging. Step out of the box and give some personal thought to the person when selecting the gift.

  1. Equipment. For a field hockey gift perfect for the fan that actually likes to play the sport, select equipment relative to the game. The special stick and ball may not be available at your local sporting goods store, but are available for purchase online. Along with the stick and balls, consider getting elbow, shin guards and elbow pads. These are common protectors for the backyard player as injuries can occur.
  2. Professional Jersey. While there isn't a United States "professional" league, countries around the world have "National" teams. For a field hockey gift, get online and go foreign. Try to find out what team your special sports fan like and order them one. The typically short sleeved, silky shirts are all about color and pattern, so make sure you get the right one.
  3. Mouth guard. How much do you love the person getting the field hockey gift? Specially fitted mouth guards can be created by dentists and other dental specialists. The piece will protect their mouth during the sport, known for knocking out teeth. This gift will be a bit on the expensive side. Be sure the receiver plans to continue to play the game.
  4. Gym membership. Sounds a bit blah, but for a field hockey gift, a gym membership can give the athlete an edge. Field hockey requires an intense amount of endurance. The gym membership can assist in training for play.
  5. Trip to a match. The ultimate field hockey gift for the fan, or even the casual player is a trip to see a live match. This might include a full on over-seas journey to a foreign country, so be prepared for the cost.
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