5 Best Field Hockey Helmets

These five best field hockey helmets mentioned below provide superior protection for the field hockey player. Field hockey helmets are important because of the physicality of the sport and the use of stick and puck which produce a risk of concussions based on impact.

  1. OBO RoboPEField Hockey Goalie Helmet: This provides full protection with its ‘cat eye’ wire mask. This CE certified helmet is a snug fit with its added padding to reduce the risk of a concussion. It is also lightweight to provide for fatigue free play for the goalie.
  2. Vaughn Field Hockey Goalie Helmet: This is a fiberglass constructed field hockey helmet that is lightweight and durable. The Vaughn goalie helmet has large ventilation holes to keep the head cool and comfortable. The full face guard still allows for maximum expected visibility and the flush fitting face guard and adjustable head straps keep this exceptional field hockey helmet in place.
  3. Bauer Filed Hockey Helmet: This is made with a high-density polyethylene outer shell and a dense foam padding on the inside. It is comfortable to fit with ventilation to keep air circulation; it also offers a removable full face cage. Durable in design with comfort and protection in mind, this field hockey helmet provides for all a field hockey player could ask for.
  4. Cranberry Poly P Field Hockey Goalie Helmet: Customfit with adjustable straps, back plating and face guard, this helmet is offered by the Cranberry Poly P. This exceptional field hockey helmet offers the best in comfort and fit. It is built with lightweight materials and added padding in all the right spots.
  5. CCMField Hockey Goalie Helmet: This offers an advanced design with added ventilation and lightweight cage wiring. This field hockey helmet is a great find for the serious player. It has a foam chin strap and a traditional hockey look and feel. It's a little old school protection for the serious field hockey competitor.
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