5 Best Field Hockey Shoes

Proper equipment is important no matter what sport you play, so whether you're an avid field hockey or a beginner to the sport, you should purchase one of the 5 best field hockey shoes to improve your performance and decrease your risk of injury. Some of the field hockey shoes on this list are more traditional cleats, while others are athletic shoes designed for field hockey that can also be put to everyday use. In general, a cleat is better for grass, while a shoe is better for turf or an indoor court.

  1. ASICS GEL-Hockey Pro Field Shoe. One of the best field hockey shoes available today, this is a traditional cleat that has been designed so it may be used on multiple surfaces. The cleats were designed to provide traction on the muddiest grass field, but it is also ideal on hard turf. The Impact Guidance System unique to ASICS shoes enhances the natural motion of your feet, which provides greater movement and mobility and less chance of injury.
  2. New Balance 705 Field Hockey/Lacrosse Shoe. Designed specifically to be used on a turf, this field hockey shoe was also made with lacrosse in mind. Increased cushioning in the heel and forefoot of this shoe gives the wearer extra padding and protection, while the mesh upper keeps this field hockey shoe lightweight and mobile.
  3. Adidas Response Hockey II Field Hockey Shoe. If you're the kind of player who looks for contact and likes to get down and dirty during a game, consider this field hockey shoe. An athletic shoe like the New Balance 705, the reinforced toe will keep your feet protected from other players' cleats and sticks.
  4. Grays G500 Field Hockey Turf Shoe. Another athletic shoe made for play on turf or an indoor court. With a gel heel system for extra protection and shock absorption, this provides your feet with the most padding of any field hockey shoe on the list. Those who play indoors or on a driveway will benefit most from this field hockey shoe.
  5. Zephz Conrner Field Hockey Shoe. The perfect cleat for a beginner or someone on a budget, this field hockey shoe is made for play on all surfaces and can be purchased for less than $20. Zephz brand shoes tend to run slightly smaller than most shoes, so make sure you try on a pair before you buy them.
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