5 Best Fights On ‘Beverly Hills 90210’

Cat fights, violent fights, verbal fights, what were the 5 best fights on "Beverly Hills 90210"? The original show, much like its sequel, told the story of high school kids and later college students living in the most expensive zip code in the country. Those high school and college years weren't without their fights. The characters on "Beverly Hills 90210" fought about everything, from guys, to well, mostly guys.

  1. Brenda and Kelly Fight on "Beverly Hills 90210," Season 3. In season 3, Dylan breaks up with Brenda and lets her know that he had an affair with Kelly over the summer, while Brenda was in Paris. Later that season, Brenda, dating someone new, runs into the new couple and freaks out. Brenda and Kelly exchange choice words, but Brenda gets the last word, winning the fight.
  2. Dylan and Brandon Gun Fight on "Beverly Hills 90210," Season 4. In a dramatic scene, Brendan enters Dylan's home by breaking the window on of the doors. Dylan's jumpy after being a victim of a crime and has purchased a gun, which he brandishes at Brandon before realizing it's him. The two argue loudly, and the argument is heightened by the gun in Dylan's hand.
  3. Brenda and Emily Valentine Fight, Season 2. Although Emily Valentine later ends up in a psychiatric hospital after she tries to burn a float, she initially caught the attention of both Dylan and Brandon, which didn't sit too well with the easily worked-up Brenda, even though she and Dylan had broken up.
  4. Donna Martin Graduates, Season 3. While not a physical fight, the "let Donna graduate" rally was a important fight on "Beverly Hills 90210." The rally and protest showed the gang was willing to fight for their friends and what was important to them.
  5. Valerie Vs. Kelly. Throughout Valerie's appearance on the show, Kelly was the only one who saw through her innocent act. Although Kelly and Brandon had already called off their wedding, Kelly finds a note from Valerie, a troubled family friend of the Walshes, telling Brandon not to marry Kelly, in season 9. Kelly eventually learns the truth about Valerie's problems and is the winner of the long fight, as Valerie ends up returning to her home in New York, leaving the show for good.
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