5 Best Fishing Jon Boats

Anglers like to hit their fishing holes with one of the 5 best fishing Jon boats for better navigation in tight areas and better mobility during transport. Additionally, they are much more affordable compared to other craft, such as extravagant bass boats. Before you buy, check out these great Jon boats: 

  1. Klamath Jac Boat. The Klamath eight-foot flat bottom Jon boat has an aluminum-welded construction to reduce plasticity. It is so short that is extremely mobile, yet it will hold up to 340 pounds. It has two built-in bench seats.
  2. Tracker Topper 1032. This is one of the best fishing Jon boats for those looking for one to throw in the back of the truck or on top of the car. It is a two-person flat-bottom boat with two bench seats and a sturdy riveted construction for durability. The length is ten feet and it weighs less than 80 pounds.
  3. Lowe Little Jon. For those needing a little larger flat-bottom fishing Jon boat, the Little Jon twelve-footer should do nicely. It is made from riveted aluminum with extruded ribs for added strength. The Little Jon has two bench seats.
  4. Crestliner CR Jon 1648M. This is a sixteen-foot fishing Jon boat with two bench seats and a side console for operation of the craft. Also included is a roomy central storage compartment with a flip top.
  5. KL Industries American 12. This made the list of the best five fishing Jon boats because it is made of high-density polyethylene. This is a nice feature because it allows the boat to be used in both salt water and fresh water. The twelve-foot two-seater also has some nice features not commonly found in other similar craft, such as built-in fishing rod holders, a tackle bin and recessed drink holders; possible the most important feature.
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