5 Best Fitted Dress Shirts For Men

Excellent fitted dress shirts are a necessity for every male closet, so every guy should know of the 5 best fitted dress shirts for men. These brands can be trusted when it comes time to shop for the wardrobe basic of a dress shirt. A well constructed shirt makes your body look better and completes your ensemble.

  1. Ralph Lauren has consistently created dress shirts for the discerning man year after year. His well crafted shirts are available for purchase at a wide variety of price points while maintaining quality tailoring. You can buy them online, at many larger retailers and at his eponymous stores. Ralph Lauren Purple Label are among the best available dress shirts that are not bespoke.
  2. Michael Bastian is a designer men's wear line including dress shirts. This line is available on three continents, North America, Europe and Asia and must be purchase at a larger retailer. Bastions' take on the men's dress shirt is both modern and timeless. 
  3. J. Crew liquor Store is higher end brand by J. Crew which features exquisite dress shirts for men, available for purchase in New York City. The level of detail on the garments make them true standouts. The collection of shirts are very much manly men combined with dashing dandy.
  4. Gant is known for their impeccable dress shirts which are available globally for purchase in store. Known as a lifestyle brand, Gant dress shirts are most suited for men who live lifestyles of pleasure as they always have a bit of whimsy in their designs.
  5. Paul Stewart's line, Phinaes Cole takes the upscale retailers dress shirts up another notch. Featuring fun, vivid colors as well impeccable construction and fabric, Stewart catapults the new lines' dress shirt to the front of the fashion pack.

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