5 Best Fly Fishing Boats

It is often necessary to use a boat to reach the right fly fishing spot, so take a look at these 5 best fly fishing boats for your next trip. If you plan on fishing lakes or some of the bigger rivers you may need the right boat. The good news is that the boats for fly fishing are not usually as expensive as those you would need for bass or other fishing.

  1. Outcast Power Drifter. The outcast power drifter is one of the fly fishing boats for those who like to fish alone. It is 11 feet long with a PVC coated bottom making it good for crossing water that is moving quickly. It has a sturdy frame that is strong enough for all different conditions. It also has enough storage room for all of your fishing gear.
  2. Venture Outdoors Modular 5 Foot Kick Boat. This newer model fly fishing boat has pontoons made out of a shell so hard they are almost puncture proof, and they don't need to be inflated. It can be assembled in just 1 minute so you can be out on the water in no time. There is lots of room for storage and it is designed with a flat top made for a good workspace.
  3. Outcast PAC 1400. This is one of the pricier fly fishing boats, but if you are a true angler it will be worth it. This boat is a stable 14 foot raft, and is one of the strongest available. It handles well on fast moving water, and requires very little rowing effort to get you over rippling water. It also has a self bailing feature to that will drain water in seconds. You can add a motor mount system to these fishing boats as well.
  4. Fish Cat 9-IR. This fly fishing boat is a favorite with many anglers who like to fish on small lakes and streams. The pontoons are a little longer giving you more storage, but they are still compact enough that the boat is still portable.
  5. Jon Boats. If you want to invest some money into your fly fishing boats then you can look into Jon boats. These are aluminum boats with flat bottoms that are made for bigger waters. They have bench seats and outboard motors. You and your friends or family can spend a good part of the day on the water in one of these boats.
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