5 Best Fly Fishing Rod Reel Combos

When choosing a fly fishing rod reel combo there are several things to look for and here are the 5 best fly fishing rod reel combos. When you are shopping remember the following things, don’t be cheap, get the rod you want, check prices individually to possibly save money, don’t forget the case and flies; make sure it meet your needs, spend a little more to get an excellent product and make sure the rod breaks down into the number of pieces that are convenient for you.

  1. Cabelas Three Forks Fly Rod and Reel Combo with Fly Line. This combo is very affordable and the rod looks and feels like it cost a lot more. The rod is 7-1/2’ and weighs 8-1/2 pounds which provide for moderate action. It features burnt olive colored blanks, reel seats that are dark cocobolo, and double-foot snake guides. The 8 and 10 weight models have aluminum reel seats and fighting butts. The reel features an adjustable Rulon disc drag, and for quick line pickup, a large arbor design. It is made of lightweight and durable graphite. The drag adjustment is easy with the knurled drag knob. The reel is pre-spooled with a weight-forward floating fly line and a tapered leader and backing.
  2. Cabelas TQR/Prestige Plus Fly Combo. The Prestige Plus rod comes with a weight-forward floating fly line and backing. This Tight Quarter Rod with a shorter length is very powerful. It works well where there is a lot of brush along the banks. The rod is very strong but still limber, and has a moderate-fast action. The weight is reduced by cork reel seats and single-foot guides. The disc-drag system has a cork drag washer which has many settings. The frame is cast aluminum and has a great strength-to-weight ratio. It has a molded, paddle-style handle and a large drag adjustment knob, along with a midarbor design that helps battle long-running fish.
  3. Cabelas Stowaway 6/Prestige Plus Fly Combo. This combo includes a Prestige Plus weight-forward floating fly line, backing, and a case for the rod and reel. The rod is 30M modulus graphite, comes in six pieces, and will fit in a suitcase. It has moderate-fast action. The tip is flexible and the butt section is powerful enough for long casting and windy conditions. The reel seats are woven graphite. It has lightweight chrome snake guides and SiC stripper guides, along with AA cork grips. It has a disc-drag system with a cork drag washer which has a large range of settings. The frame is cast aluminum and its midarbor design is great for battling long-running fish. The handle is molded and paddle styled with a large drag adjustment knob.
  4. Cabelas Stowaway 6/RLS Fly Combo. This combo includes the same rod described in the previous paragraph. The difference is in the reel. The Rapid Landing System (RLS) reel compares to the best fly reels available on the market at a reasonable price. It has a Rulon disc drag giving it the smoothness to capture almost any underwater fish. The large knurled drag knob is there for easy adjustment when needed. Its large arbor design allows the line to be retrieved quickly. It is made of machined aluminum with a black anodized finish. The handle is oversized and the spoor has a quick release.
  5. Cabelas L-Tech/Watershed Fly Combo. This combo has a Mastery GPX fly line and Cabela’s Prestige backing. These rods are some of the lightest and most powerful available today. This combo is like no other you have ever tried. All unnecessary weight has been reduced. The reel seat is made of high grade machined aluminum and finished in bronze. There are two sections to the seat.  The hood is fitted into the cork handle and the threaded barrel section encloses the butt end of the blank. There is no middle insert. The Delrin ring guarantees the locked nut will hold the reel securely. The energy is transferred between the back cast and the forward cast at accurate but extremely fast speeds. The rod also has REC recoil stripper guides made from nickel titanium alloy. The rod tube is included.
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