5 Best Fly Fishing Wading Boots

The best fly fishing wading boots have felt soles to prevent injury, good ankle support and durable fabric. In fast moving waters, ordinary shoes can cause you to lose traction and slip. In really fast moving rivers with rocky bottoms, you may want to wear cleats instead because felt sole wading boots aren't 100% slip proof. Try some of the following fly fishing wading boots that won't let you slip on the rocks. 

  1. Simms Rivershed Wading Boots. These fly fishing wading boots are designed to resist corrosion caused by water immersion. The soles are made of high quality felt. Simms is a company that prides itself on durability. 
  2. Stearns 3-Ply Canvas Wading Boots. Stearns' felt sole fly fishing wading boots feature padded collars and removable insoles. They also feature speed laces.
  3. Korkers Predator Felt Sole Wading Boots. The lacing system of these fly fishing wading boots by Korkers are designed for a snug fit for clean feet. They are durable and renowned for good traction. 
  4. Chota STL Wading Boots. Some fly fishing wading boots have drainage ports and filters that filter out gunk. These felt sole wading boots by Chota keep your feet clean. They are also designed to be worn with socks. 
  5. Cloudveil 8X Wading Boots. Do you want to keep your boat dry? Cloudveil's 8X fly fishing wading boots feature an advanced draining system so that you don't leak all over the place when you're done wading. The soles are made of felt, and the tongue is designed to keep out the grime. When you put them on and tie them up, you'll realize that they are some of the best fly fishing wading boots you can buy. 
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