5 Best Folkstyle Wrestling Moves

The 5 best Folkstyle wrestling moves are commonly seen at local high school matches. In Folkstyle wrestling, the legs, or lower extremities, are off limits. This places all the skill sets focused on the arms, torso and head. Do not try these moves at home on friends or family without training and safety gear. All moves should be learned under the instruction of a qualified wrestling coach and practiced in a controlled environment.

  1. The Headlock. One of the best Folkstyle wrestling moves is the headlock. The competitor wraps arm around the opponent's head, with the crook of the elbow at the rear. The side of the head is pushed against the aggressors body, forcing the head into a downward facing position. Held long enough, this move will disorient the opponent.
  2. The arm lock. Another Folkstyle wrestling moves worthy of the list is the twisting motion of the arm bar. The aggressor grabs their opponent by the wrist  with one hand and the upper arm with the second. The wrist is then forced back behind the back. This move will put the opponent off balance.
  3. Front body lock. This entry on the list of  Folkstyle wrestling moves involves the aggressor wrapping both arms around the body of their opponent at the mid section or lower rib cage. With a forward motion, the opponent will be forced to the floor, scoring the aggressor a point.
  4. Back body lock. Similar to the front body lock, another of the Folkstyle wrestling moves that can score points takes a rear approach to the body lock. Be careful not to interlock the legs.
  5. Arm drag. The final listing of Folkstyle wrestling moves involves grabbing the opponent's arm in the crook of the aggressors arm and falling to the the mat. This will drag the opponent down with you and score a point.
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