5 Best Foods for a First Date

Don't make the mistake of going out for spaghetti on a first date; learn the 5 best foods for a first date here.  For many reasons, certain foods should be avoided on any first date.  They either are too messy, to smelly, or are a combination of both.  Try out any of these 5 best foods for a first date for a terrific date night she will remember.

5 best foods for a first date

  • Oysters or clams.  Oysters and clams are one of the best foods for a first date.  They are easy to eat, they aren't messy, and they are both known to be aphrodisiacs.  There's something a little sexy about sitting at an oyster bar and drinking beer.  It's exotic, it's fun, and it's one of the 5 best foods for a first date.
  • Hibachi meal.  A first date should be fun, so why not take her out for a Hibachi meal?  At a Hibachi table, the food is prepared right in front of you.  The show will give you something to laugh and talk about, and the food is always delicious.  Eating with chopsticks can be challenging and fun, so she'll get to see a playful side of you.  Plus, you can share the food you are served too.
  • Fondue.  Fondue is making a comeback, and it is one of the 5 best foods for a first date.  It can be eaten in one bite, so she won't feel pressured into eating neatly, plus it's good food to share too.  If she's never eaten fondue, she'll be able to remember sharing the experience with you.
  • Ice cream.  Ice cream is the perfect food for a day date, especially if it's hot outside.  Watching her eat the ice cream is kind of sensual too, which is why ice cream is one of the 5 best foods for a first date. 
  • Sushi.   Taking her out for sushi is a classy choice.  It's sophisticated and very trendy, plus she'll see that you are an adventurous kind of guy. 
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