5 Best Football Hype Songs

No sporting event is complete without the proper music, and these 5 best football hype songs are the perfect way to get pumped up before a big game. 

  1. "Headstrong" – Performed by Trapt, this is one of the best football hype songs to play at the beginning of the game against a tough opponent. The song's confident, take-charge lyrics make it a popular choice at a wide variety of sporting events. 
  2. "Lose Yourself" – From the movie "8 Mile", this Eminem song is a must-have at sporting events. The hard-hitting lyrics about seizing opportunity make it one of the best football hype songs for pumping up before a big play. What sets it apart from many other songs, however, is its head-on confrontation of the nervousness and fear that go along with that opportunity, and the importance of fighting back even in the face of failure. 
  3. "Don't Stop Believing" – Everyone loves Journey and there's just something about this song that really does make everyone believe. It makes list of the  best football hype songs because not only does it reach the broadest range of people, it gets fans in the spirit to root for a comeback.
  4. "Enter Sandman" - This Metallica song is a classic for a good reason. The guitar riffs, thumping drums and raspy lyrics easily make this rock anthem one of 5 best football hype songs.
  5. "Thunderstruck" – AC/DC makes the list of the best football hype songs with this popular stadium song. The simple lyrics are great for big events and the song easily gets players and fans alike in ready for the big game. 



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