5 Best Football Pump Up Songs 2008

The 5 best football pump up songs of 2008 will get any team ready to rush the field and score big. This list of songs has the ability to get the crowd ready to cheer, and the players ready to play through a perfect mix of lyrics and beats.

  1. "Magic" by  Robin Thicke & Mary J. Blige is the ultimate pump up song before, during or after any football game. The mix of acoustic rhythms and a mixture of saxophones and strings give this song an energizing, unique sound that gives any player a calming center before a game.
  2. "Closer" by Ne-Yo can inspire a drive to go on past the pain, exhaustion and any odds. This song discusses not being able to stop, which every football player needs to feel pumped up before a game.
  3. "Green Light" by John Legend featuring Andre 3000 can pump up an entire football team and keep them moving through anything. The idea of having a green light to go, and not stop, is the right feeling for every player to keep in their mind on the field.
  4. "Dangerous" by Kardinal Offishall featuring Akon is one of those songs that has the heart pumping right out of the chest. This song gives the feeling of being untouchable on and off the field, which every football player needs to pump up their need to win.
  5. "The Shock of the Lightning" by Oasis is just what the song title says. It shocks the lightning into everyone around. This is a song that gets everyone ready to run, and run hard to offer the shock of what's inside of them. A perfect football pump up song.
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