5 Best Foreplay Positions

The 5 best foreplay positions were invented to make the whole act of copulation and "getting it on" last just a little bit longer. While conventional wisdom has it that foreplay is mostly a woman's game, the facts just don't support this myth. Reality is that there are plenty of heterosexual, real males who are simply just in touch with their feminine side, who love to take part in foreplay, too.

  1. Lap Sitting. Having your woman sit on your lap is the best foreplay position because of the way it allows you to control your woman at all times. As soon as her buttocks make contact with your general groin area, she's yours and basically ready to go off at any second, so be forewarned. This position allows for close contact and the possibility of, but not necessarily limited to, fondling, caressing, touching and any other pre-sexual activity that involves your hands.
  2. Standing Position. Many couples, possibly because their minds are bogged down from too much pre-sexual anxiety, never even consider the basic, standing position as a potent foreplay formation, but it is very real. Taking the number two spot, the standing position offers gratifying foreplay, especially if you haven't had sex in a long while, because of the way you and your woman can just hug it out for a while. Also try adding the extra props of walls or countertops against which to lean, as this will make the foreplay position seem more intense.
  3. Horizontal Position. This foreplay position takes the number three spot because it is quite a common and, thus, easy position for couples (who hopefully are in a loving bond of marriage before they even try this stuff) to engage in. The beauty of this foreplay position is that both the male as well as his female counterpart can easily begin to grope, touch, hug, pet, kiss and touch each other in those unmentionable places (which may or may not set you off immediately).
  4. Get on With the Eye Screwing. Eye screwing is the time-honored tradition of staring into the eyes of the person with whom you want to copulate for just a bit too long, but in this moment, your intentions for lustful desire are made clear. In this foreplay position with your partner (whom you hopefully have married first and made a lifetime commitment to), you can even become more creative by taking the eye screwing into other parts of her body, as in her legs, torso and, yes, her mammary glands.
  5. Massage. Yes, the good old massage may be one of the more uninspired ways of getting into a foreplay position, but you know the old saying: "Don't mess with success!" Since massage is a great way to really feel up your partner, this makes for good foreplay. Further, you can also build on this concept by adding touches like oils and cream to really get the sexual juices flowing.
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