5 Best Fossil Wrist Watches

If you need a new Fossil watch, learn about the five best Fossil wrist watches. Fossil makes over 80 different watches. Whether you want a sporty style Fossil watch or a professional looking Fossil watch, Fossil makes various analog and chromatic watches. Of course, all of the Fossil watches come with the signature Fossil case.

Here are the five best Fossil wrist watches:

  1. Yellow Decker Chronograph Watch. This best fossil watch has a silicone wrist band and a bright yellow dial. The Yellow Decker Fossil watch is water resistant up to 10 ATM and is best used as an everyday wrist watch. The wristband is black and the watch dial is large sized with a silver face.
  2. Enduro Watch. This best Fossil watch is a limited edition watch. The Enduro watch features a removable stainless steel wrist band and a black sport band is made from polyurethane and included with the Enduro watch. You can wear the Enduro watch to the office or to the gym. The three aluminum dials are a unique watch accent and make telling time even easier.
  3. Explorer Ana-Digi Watch. This best Fossil watch tells time with both analog and digital time displays. The digital time display is discretely positioned in the upper center of the Ana-Digi watch face. This best Fossil watch is also water resistant up to 5 ATM. The wrist band is made from black silicone with two stainless steel stripes. The Ana-Digi Fossil watch is the best watch for a professional guy with a vintage style.
  4. Chronograph Dial Watch. This best Fossil watch has a grey face and a black silicone strap. The chronograph dial watch is ideal for the professional guy who keeps up on the latest trends. The dial in encased in an aluminum torping, which borders the face of the watch. The chronograph dial watch is water resistant up to 5 ATM.
  5. Analog Brown Dial Watch. The Analog dial watch is the best Fossil watch for the guy who has a casual style. This best Fossil watch features a thick, almost punk style brown leather wrist band, with silver stitching along the edges. The brown dial watch has a silver face and silver accents on the dial. This best Fossil watch is water resistant up to 10 ATM.



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