5 Best ‘Frasier’ Episodes

The 5 best "Frasier" episodes are all those beloved episodes of this long-running TV show that made you crack up and laugh like nothing ever has. "Frasier" starred Kelsey Grammar in his role as Dr. Frasier Crane in a spin-off of his character from "Cheers." You can find "Frasier" on DVD if you want to relive the show.

  1. "Death Becomes Him." A take-off on the title of the old Bruce Willis movie, "Death Becomes Her," this episode from "Frasier's" first season takes the top spot due to its overriding theme of mortality. In this hilarious episode of zany gags, Frasier becomes worried about dying when his brother Niles' doctor dies. The reason? Because the dead doctor resembled Frasier in age, character, behavior and even physique!
  2. "Can't Buy Me Love." The second-best "Frasier" episode on account of its theme of a bachelor auction. The comedy and zany laughs ensue when Frasier himself is purchased for the evening by a model, which seems like Frasier may actually get lucky…he he! But his dreams of scoring with a hot model are dashed forever when he finds out that not only does the model have a teenage daughter–he actually has to spend the night babysitting her instead.
  3. "The Matchmaker." If you have ever hated shows that refuse to touch certain topics because of an obsession with political correctness, then this "Frasier" episode is for you. "The Matchmaker" features pot shots (albeit light and not in malice) at gays and gay stereotypes. This episode was apparently well-received even by the gay special interest groups like GLAAD, which even gave "Frasier" one of their extra special and highly desired awards.
  4. "An Affair to Forget." "An Affair to Forget" takes the fourth spot on this list of the best "Frasier" episodes for the simple fact that it won an Emmy award for best writing in a comedy series. This episode's comedic mischief revolves around mistaken identity and misidentification surrounding suspicions of an affair…and just who might be engaging in one. It climaxes with Niles actually challenging a German fencing teacher to a duel.
  5. "Moon Dance." The final best "Frasier" episode is this one from the third season of "Frasier." It makes this list because it is uncommon and therefore noteworthy in that Kelsey Grammar got little screen time because he was busy behind the camera…directing this, his first "Frasier" episode. The plot of this laugh-out-loud funny installment deals with Niles and his attendance at a ball. There's only one dilemma: He can't dance! So Daphne comes to the rescue to teach him.
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