5 Best Free Ringtone Sites

By keeping a few basic guidelines in mind, you can learn about the 5 best free ringtone sites. Finding a great free ringtone site can, at times, seem impossible. However, by following these suggestions, you're guaranteed to be downloading great ringtones in no time at all! Experiment with the websites in order to find the ringtone that works best for you. There's lot of great free ringtones out there, so have fun!

  1. Makeownringtone.com. Unlike many of the other free ringtone sites, which require you to download pre-existing songs, this website allows you to customize, uploading the song, voice record, or other sound of your choice. This guarantees that you'll be the only one with the particular ringtone! 
  2. Myxer. Myxer makes this list due to its ease of use. Unlike other websites, almost anyone should easily be able to make a free ringtone through this website. No degree in computer science required!
  3. Zedge. Zedge is another great website, because it's primarily run through community members. Here, members can share their favorite tunes with other community members. If you're looking for a rare song, this is most likely the place to find it.
  4. Rareearthtones. As the name suggests, rareearthtones features sounds from nature. No matter if you're looking for a wolf howl or the bellow of  a beluga whale, you should be able to find it here.
  5. Apple. Like makeownringtone, apple allows you to upload the music or sounds of your choice. This is a great option for those who have iPhones or other apple products.
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