5 Best Freestyle Motocross Bikes

The 5 best freestyle motocross bikes help open-minded freestyle motocross bikers perform jumps and stunts at all times. Freestyle motocross is a style of motocross where participants do all they can to wow judges with their tricks, jumps and stunts. If that is what you're into, here are some of the best bikes for that.

  1. Destin Cantrell Yamaha YZ450F. The best freestyle motocross bike belongs to rider Destin Cantrell because it is tricked out with some of the coolest gadgets you'll ever feast your eyes on. His bike features anodized bolts and plugs, which not only make the freestyle motocross bike lighter, but also make it look sweeter and more attractive. His bike also features stock brakes, which might surprise some, but not when you consider that you shouldn't overdo gadgets on a bike!
  2. Myles Richmond Yamaha YZ250 Two-Stroke. Myles Richmond has always been a cool freestyle motocross rider, and his bike is a great example of how you can use common-sense approaches even if you're a freestyle rider. That's why his bike is the second-best freestyle motocross bike. In example, Richmond's bike features greased bearings on the linkage in order to give a smoother ride. His handlebars are also taped, just to give him that extra grip and control.
  3. Honda CRF250R. The third-best freestyle motocross bike is a Honda CRF250R because of its two stroke capabilities. If you plan to use the CRF250R for freestyle motocross purposes, then it should be a two stroke model in order to give the bike more pep and freedom from stalling out when in upside down flips. A bike of this caliber starts with just one or two well-placed kicks, and after that, you are off to perform whatever jumps, tricks or stunts you want to.
  4. KTM 250 EXC-F. The fourth-best freestyle motocross bike is this baby from KTM, a bike that is really deceptive in terms of power. Though a relatively smaller bike, it features great thrust that helps to really give this bike a kick when you need it. So whether it's gaining enough speed and momentum from taking to the air from a ramp, or building up enough speed to retain balance, this four stroke bike is effective for freestyle.
  5. 200cc 4 Stroke Dirt Bike. The final best freestyle motocross bike on this list is any 200cc 4 stroke model. The reason is because it features a super-fast acceleration that does not let you down. Additionally, it is a bike that can take a good deal of weight, up to 300 pounds or more, though if you want to pull tricks and stunts on this freestyle bike, you should limit your weight.
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