5 Best Freestyle Wrestling Moves

The best freestyle wrestling moves are the ones that lead to victory. These move are not always the most complicated, but do inflict the most damage to the opponent. Remember when taking these tips to heart that many Freestyle wrestling moves are not allowed in Folk or Greco Roman style. Freestyle allows for competitors to work on their opponents' legs, and many Freestyle wrestlers use to to gain a victory. Work carefully with a coach or trainer before attempting any of these and practice on a sparring partner before attempting during competition.

  1. Ankle lock. This freestyle wrestling move is accomplished by grabbing the ankle of the opponent. Sweeping them to the ground by pulling the ankle out, the ankle is placed in the crook of the elbow of one arm and the toes are grabbed by the opposite hand. Force the opponent onto the back and twist the foot. The competitor's shoulders will be forces to the ground when you stand with their ankle elevated in this painful hold.
  2. Leg lock. Another freestyle wrestling move that takes advantage of being able to use the legs is the leg lock. Get the competitor onto their stomach and sit on the butt region of their body. Grab the lower leg and pull toward your body. This will hyper extend the opponent's leg and cause pain. Do not intentionally harm your competitor, use only enough force to make them tap out or surrender.
  3. Head lock. A popular freestyle wrestling move is the head lock. Get behind the opponent and place both your arms around the head at the bicep area. Grasp one of your arms with the opposite hand in front of the face.
  4. Suplex. Similar to a move used in the professional wrestling ring, this freestyle wrestling move involves grasping your competitor around the waist with both arms and lifting them up. When they are up in the arm, fall forward onto them.
  5. Leg sweep. Only allowed in this form, the final freestyle wrestling move suggestion is the leg sweep. Grab your competitor around the upper chest area and use one leg to sweep their leg out from under them. With forward movement of your body, they will go down to the mat, scoring you points.
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