5 Best French Actors

Choosing the 5 best French actors is more difficult than it seems. The French are good at love, food, and especially movies. They have a way with films so that sometimes they can get the point across without speaking lines, and their quirky humor always makes for unique comedy never seen before. Here is a short list of the five best French actors of all time:

  1. Marcel Marceau. Marceau was born in France in 1923 and would become known as the "master of silence". That is because, if for some reason you've never heard of him, Marceau was a mime. Marceau has an amazing story that is part of why he is on this list of the best French actors. His father died in Auschwitz, and Marceau and his family helped to get children safely to Switzerland during WWII. After, he learned to be a mime and became famous as Bip, a man with a white face and a battered hat with a red flower. Yeah, you've seen him. A few other accomplishments of this best French actor is that he had the only speaking line in the Mel Brooks movie "Silent Movie" and Michael Jackson got his infamous moonwalk from a Marcel Marceau act called "Walking Against the Wind". Even until his death in 2007, he was 84, Marceau continued to practice mime stating that "if you stop at all at 70 or 80, you can't go on."
  2. Juliet Binoche. This beautiful woman definitely deserves a place on the 5 best French actors list. She was first recognized for her talents when she was 23 and has since won an Oscar for her supporting role in "The English Patient". Everyone believed, including Binoche, that Lauren Bacall would win the Oscar for "The Mirror Has Two Faces", but Binoche won it and deserved it. The one movie she's done that most people have seen and loved is "Chocolat" with Johnny Depp.
  3. Jean Reno. This man is on the list of the best French actors because of his versatility. He has played a bad guy, the comedian, and the drama king is many, many movies. He has done them all well, too. He has been such different movies as "French Kiss", "La Femme Nikita", and "The Pink Panter". His best role, though, and the one that immediately puts him on this list of the best French actors is "Léon: The Professional".
  4. Audrey Tautou. Another beautiful woman on the list of the five best French actors. Tautou is probably best known for her role in "Amélie" which became an American favorite after becoming a huge hit in France. This film about love and the simple things in life was nominated for five Oscars, and although it lost, "Amélie" did win over 50 other awards. Although a beautiful film, Tautou, as Amélie, is was makes it so sweet.
  5. Gerard Depardieu. When you look at this man, you don't think romantic heartthrob, but that doesn't matter because he is an amazing and funny actor. He is even believable in romantic roles. Depardieu has been in nearly 200 movies and TV shows, in roles large and small. If anything, he is the most well known French actor there is, which is one reason he is on this list of the best French actors. If he is so well known, then that means he's good at what he does. Look for him in movies such as "Cyrano De Bergerac", "My Father the Hero", "Hamlet", and "Green Card".



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