5 Best French Erotic Art Films

Here are the 5 best french erotic films. Sex always has and always will be one of the most interesting subjects to people. You could cruise the Internet for free porn sights or you could expand your mind and satisfy any urges by watching the five best French erotic art films on this list.  You’ll have to read subtitles but that just means you’ll have to concentrate harder on the screen.

  1. "Last Tango In Paris" 1972 – In the first of many sexual scenes, Marlon Brando tears the panties off and has sex with a woman while standing up and never taking his trench coat off. Then there’s the scene where she lays on her stomach and grinds herself to orgasm through her jeans. Of course, there's also the notorious scene where Brando uses a block of soft cheese as lube then turns her over and takes her anally. This is an art film by American standards, made even more exotic by being set in France.
  2. "Belle Du Jour" 1967 – Catherine Deneuve shines in this surrealist French erotic art film that is sometimes both perverse and hyper-stimulating. She plays a French housewife bored with her husband, who moonlights in a brothel as a prostitute while he is at work during the day. The film isn’t as graphic as its story implies but it delivers on both fetish and perversion, good ingredients for any art film. Deneuve’s character has many vivid sexual fantasies including memories of possibly being molested at a young age to near-rape fantasies and thoughts of sexual gratification at her own degradation

  3. "Going Places" 1974 – Two friends have a wild and crazy romp through the French countryside in this erotic art film, starring Gerard Depardieu. He and his best friend meet a girl who can’t orgasm. The two of them even take turns screwing her while all lying in the same bed trying to one up each but can’t get it done.  In one scene Depardieu’s friend gets a mother on a train to let him suckle her breast—and she loves it. There’s also the scene of Depardieu tossing his friend onto the bed and well. The next day his friend complains about how one friend wouldn’t do that to another, at least without permission. Erotic for some guys, upsetting to others, it's freaky either way you look at it.  Often classified as French erotica by Americans, it is really just an excellent art film by one of France's better filmmakers.

  4. "Lila Says" 2004 – The main female character asks us to look at her and see how beautiful her face, eyes, hair and skin are. She and the main male character have an entire conversation about whether she is going to show it to him or not and whether he wants a quick view or a long view. That definitely sets the tone for this French erotic art film. There is another scene where the two of them take a bike ride and she tells him what the saddle is doing to her. When he says what her sitting in his lap is doing to him, she uses her hand to fix the problem, all the while riding through the public streets.  This movie manages to walk the fine line between art film and erotic porn as well as any ever made.

  5. "Exterminating Angels" 2006 – This art film posing as porn, posing as art, is an exploration in exhibitionism as it relates to sexual arousal, particularly in women. Rather, how men are aroused by what arouses women. In one particular scene the male director of the fictitious film coaches two women through a mutual masturbation scene in a packed restaurant. But he won’t let them “finish.” Instead, he takes the women to a hotel across the street where they get naked and really do their thing. The two women become involved with another woman and the male director soon finds himself in a voyeuristic sexual triangle.  One of the best examples of just how erotic French films can be.





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