5 Best French Horror Movies

If you’re a horror aficionado you need to check out our list of the 5 best French horror films. When you think of great horror, the French films aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind; most of the time when you think of French films you usually think of movies that are artsy, pretentious, self-important and sometimes bordering on boring. The five best French horror film aren’t always gore filled tales of terror, but what they lack in blood and gut they make up for in suspense, great pacing and cool French accents.

  1. "Les Dibabolique" ( 1954& 1996)- The story of the sick wife and the put upon mistress that murder their abuser. They seem to be in the clear until their victim’s body suddenly goes missing. This movie doesn’t have much by way of gore, but it does a great job at building suspense as the two villains hunt for their missing body. Being an excellent example of how to tell a story and build suspense is what makes this one of our five best French horror films.
  2. "The Tenant" (1976)- Oscar winning director and all around creep, Roman Polanski directed and stars in this French horror film. Polanski’s acting prowess leaves something to be desired, but he still knows his way around the camera. He does a brilliant job of building suspense and fear as his character slowly becomes unraveled, convinced that his neighbors are trying to force him to commit suicide. The way Polanski makes the fear and paranoia constantly build around his character makes “The Tenant” one of our five best French horror movies. But let us warn you in advance Roman Polanski in full drag is one of the scariest things that we have ever seen.
  3. "With A Friend Like Harry" ( 1998)- We all know that people who live mundane lives are horrific by their very nature, but your boring next door neighbor gets more interesting in this French horror film. The story of a man whose writing career is going nowhere until he runs into an old school friend, who decides to help out his old pal through murder. Showing that life in the suburbs isn’t dull when there are bodies lying around is what makes this one of the five best French horror films.
  4. "Frontiers" (2007)- In the last few years, French horror films have taken a slight departure from murder, intrigue and suspense and have begun to incorporate American style gore into their films. This new breed of French horror film is becoming known as The New  French Extremism”. Frontiers is one of the biggest hits to come out of the movement in the last few years. It follows the age old theme of kids being stranded in the middle of nowhere ripe for the slaughter. Being French they do add a twist to the movie, instead of making our victims wayward teens on vacation, they kids are on the run after robbing a bank during a riot. Using social unrest to introduce “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” style gore is what makes this one of the five best French horror films.
  5. "In My Skin" ( 2002)- This makes our list of the five best French horror movies because it is just flat out disturbing. When a woman gets a gash in her leg during a party, she becomes obsessed with the wound. Her would obsession escalates and she begins a downward spiral of self mutilation. Watching the character rip open her wound and create new and disturbing tears in her body is some where between horror movie gold and disturbing. Being one of the few horror films that has been able to turn our stomach since we were 12 makes put this on our list of the five best French horror movies.
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