5 Best French Nude Models

The 5 best French nude models compete with many of the beauties around the world. Many men find European women irresistible and for the right reasons. In fact, tourists visit Paris, France, the City of Love, where many of the world's most beautiful women reside. Obtaining one French woman for a night, much less a harem. probably tops the list of the most desirable fantasies to fulfill. The 5 best French nude models also cast their celebrity role status, which only increases the mesmerizing effect on bedazzled fans.

  1. Catherine Deneuve. Catherine Deneuve, a native of Paris, France, struts her breathtakingly beautiful body in a eye-popping manner. Her voluptuous physique, and luxurious brown hair captivates onlookers.
  2. Sophie Marceau. Sophie Marceau, a beautiful French actress, graced Hollywood with her titillating beauty in movies, such as "Braveheart" and "The World Is Not Enough." The gorgeous young celebrity isn't afraid to undress in front of the camera, either! Her curvaceous hips and thin frame accentuate her glowing face.
  3. Ludivine Sagnier. Ludivine Sagnier, a French actress, bursts onto the scene with in all of her scrumptious naked glory. Sagnier's sexy movie exploded the ticket office after word-of-mouth traveled of her coverless display. The actress smooth, porcelain skin and perky breasts remain pleasing at first glance.
  4. Alizee. This young stunner gained admirers the world over. Her petite and curvy body places her on the top five french nude model list. Alizee, a charming performer sweeps the floor and the darting heads follow. Every guy tries to get an upskirt.
  5. Isabelle Adjani. Isabelle Adjani, an award-winning French actress, knows the hardship of growing up outside of the public view. Adjani emits a magnetizing aura that suckers in the male audience. In fact, a sure dozen may have taken up French to get a dose of her.
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