5 Best Freshwater Fishing Reels

Baitcasting reels are usually considered the 5 best freshwater fishing reels according to fishing pros. This is not always the case, but baitcasting reels give you better control over your lures. They are also pretty easy to untangle. Below is a list of some of the best freshwater baitcasting fishing reels for your money. 

  1. Shimano Curado E Low-Profile Freshwater Fishing Reel. This freshwater fishing reel has an excellent brake system that will save you a lot of tangled up messes. It's small, lightweight and the aluminum frame and side plate come in one piece. 
  2. Bass Pro Shops NITRO Big Bass Reel. The one piece aluminum frame freshwater fishing reel by Bass Pro Shops is built for strength. If you want to catch the biggest and baddest fish in the lake, then this is your fishing reel. 
  3. Team Daiwa TD-Pro Freshwater Fishing Reel. The free-floating aluminum spool is incredible in this amazing freshwater fishing reel by Team Daiwa. It also features a twelve ball bearing system for a smooth retrieve. 
  4. Abu Garcia Kalex Round Freshwater Fishing Reel. This fishing reel has a high speed gear ratio, a six pin centrifugal brake, three ball bearings plus a fourth "Anti-Reverse" bearing. Abu Garcia also offers their "Anti Distortion Spool" (ADS) "to prevent torquing or binding under pressure."
  5. Quantum Smoke Casting Freshwater Fishing Reel. Quantum boasts an ultra light 6.2 ounce fishing reel with an eight bearing drive. The ceramic PT drag boosts durability for many fishing outings. The Quantum Smoke also comes in a left handed version. Its versatility, lightweight design and smooth casting and retrieving makes this one of the best freshwater fishing reels on the market. 
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