5 Best ‘Friends’ Episodes Ever

Avid sitcom fans often debate over the 5 best “Friends” episodes. Nobody can deny the hilarity behind the premise of most “Friends” episodes. Joey, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe combine to induce infatuation over every aspect of their lives. In fact, the six-member camarilla enlivens audiences with their quirky musings of New York City life. “Friends” episodes embodies a full-range of emotions, which draws parallels to human experience. Only a handful of sitcoms rightfully emblazon the upper echelon of a ten year legacy.

  1. "The One Where Everyone Finds Out." Ugly Naked Guy moves out of his apartment, which causes Ross to seize the opportunity to secure his own place again. Phoebe eavesdrops and discovers the clandestine affair between Monica and Chandler, which prompts to two of them to finally reveal their affection toward another.

  2. "The Last One (Part 2)." Ross continues an old cat-and-mouse chase over Rachel up until this final episode. However, this time Phoebe assists Ross in tracking Rachel down for a full-blown confession of his undying affection. Luckily, this time it ends graciously and finally in their favor. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler return with their kids, ready to pack and leave. The final scene ends with an empty apartment, and solemn goodbye of decade-old friends.

  3. "The One With the Embryos." A trivia game ensues after Joey and Chandler correctly guess the items in a bag carried by Monica and Rachel. Meanwhile, Phoebe undergoes a surrogate embryo implantation to develop and carry newborns.

  4. "The One With the Prom Video." The friends recollect the high school prom over a homemade video, which inevitably displays Ross's earliest infatuation with Rachel.

  5. "The One With Ross's Wedding to Emily." Phoebe calls to forewarn about Rachel's inbound appearance to stave off the marriage between Ross and Emily, which is not exactly the first time the couple reunites.

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