5 Best Front Suspension Mountain Bikes

The 5 best front suspension mountain bikes are those mountain bikes which have benefited from the industry's move to front suspension as the commonplace standard among all mountain bikes. Starting in about the year 2000, front suspension is a given on any mountain bike you buy these days, and if you are lucky, you can even buy mountain bikes that incorporate both full front as well as full rear suspension.

  1. Micargi Men's Mountain Bike M60. Micargi takes the number one position with their M60 Men's Mountain Bike because of its 26 inch frame, which allows you to absorb all kinds of shocks and jumps mainly due to its Hi-ten Steel Y-type full suspension. In addition, you can even choose a whole set of nifty colors for your new mountain bike since it comes in red, black or blue.
  2. Bike USA Titan Trailblazer 21 Speed Men's Front Suspension ATB. This front suspension mountain bike features a coil suspension fork, wheels and hubs made out of alloy, and an adjustable seat post that comes with a seat pin that allows for quick and comfortable adjusting. The real reason it deserves to be at number two is its 21 speeds, which allow you to efficiently shift gears during your encounters with any number of different types of terrain.
  3. Diamondback Topanga 26" Men's Front Suspension Mountain Bike. From Diamondback comes this mountain bike that features all the front suspension you can handle. It earns the number three spot because it combines the best of two worlds. It offers you the ability to ride in a way that recalls hardtail performance, but it also lets you ride it for sheer utility purposes. Together, that makes it a near-perfect mountain bike.
  4. Titan Prime 26" Men's Front Suspension Mountain Bike. Titan's Prime Front Suspension Mountain Bike lets you tackle the big hits and shocks to your mountain bike's frame with complete ease, thanks to its RST gas front shock. This puts it solidly at number four, but that's not all. It also comes with tires that offer stunning grip so you can always enjoy great traction on any trail.
  5. Haro Flightline Expert – Front Suspension Mountain Bike. This front suspension mountain bike from Haro comes with an aluminum frame that is oversized and features double-buffeted, mainframe tubing. So the next time you want to go camping and decide to take your bike along to help you see all the natural trails around the campsite, make it Haro's front suspension mountain bike.
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