5 Best Full Ice Hockey Drills

The 5 best full ice hockey drills concentrate on the fundamentals. These full ice hockey drills will work out many aspects of your game. Full ice hockey drills will concentrate on speed, puck management, and endurance and game control. Utilizing these five best full ice hockey drills will increase stamina, control and technique. This article will introduce you to the basic function of these full ice hockey drills. Learning these five full ice hockey drills will open the door to additional drills.

  1. Pivot, Pass and Roll: This drill has the coach at center ice. Player will skate to center ice. Just before reaching center ice, the skater will pivot. Once the pivot is complete, the coach will pass the puck to the opposite side of the center ice. Player will receive the puck and skate hard to the end line. At this point, they will make a hard stop and roll the puck back to center ice.
  2. 2 v 1 Defense Trap: In this drill to attackers will move from the center line. The players will passing the puck back and forth with the defenseman between them. The coach will blow his whistle at which time the defenseman will move to steal the puck or defense a shot.
  3. Suicides – Puck Play: Here you will set up two lines, placing one line at each end of the ice. Idea of this drill is to have the first player in one line handle a puck in rapid skate. As player one approaches player one of the opposite line he will make a drop pass. Player one of the opposing lines will race out, control and move to the other line.
  4. 3 v 3 Line Passing: This drill pits three player in individual lines facing one another. They are to pass a puck back and forth down the line. Once they hit the end line, they head back to the other side. Increase speed an intensity of the passes as they progress.
  5. One Timer – Cross Pass: In this drill, line up passers at the blue line and place a goalie in net. Have players race around the backside of the opposing net and skate towards the goal net. Once past the blue line the positioned player will feed a pass to the oncoming player. Shots are one timer, without puck control.
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