5 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

The 5 best full-suspension mountain bikes can also be called dual-suspension mountain bikes. When you ride a full-suspension mountain bike, you are riding a bike that possesses a front suspension fork. Its rear suspension is made up of a linkage and a rear shock that permits your rear wheel to move atop pivots.

  1. GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike. This 21-speed full-suspension mountain bike is the best because it has an aluminum frame. Frames of this type of mountain bike are known to be extremely strong and long-lasting. If you have ever been afraid of stopping effectively in dreadful weather conditions, this mountain bike has the cure with its rear and front disc brakes that can handle any weather.
  2. Pacific Chromium Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike. Taking the second spot on this best full-suspension mountain bike list is Pacific Chromium's entry. Riders who are always upset abut a bumpy ride or one that is not as smooth as they want it to be will have their prayers answered by this bike. It features an effective suspension fork, which increases the control as well as smoothes the bumps you will inevitably encounter on the trail.
  3. Pacific Stratus Men's Mountain Bike. This is the full-suspension mountain bike for people who have a problem being able to pay for their new bike. If money is an object for you, this Pacific Stratus mountain bike will be your best bet. For a reasonable price, you are able to purchase a mountain bike that features fifteen-gear thumb shifters, a godsend if you are going up any hill or have challenging terrain to ride on.
  4. Mongoose Maxim Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike. The one attribute that makes this full-suspension mountain bike stand apart from others like it is the inclusion of alloy rims. These alloy rims allow for lightweight durability. Another benefit to this full-suspension mountain bike is how it is so user-friendly in the assembly department. Even if you are not the most handy man out there, you should have no trouble putting this bike together in a few hours.
  5. Kawasaki KDX1 26-Inch Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Shocks and other nasty surprises can be a turn-off irritant when you are riding what otherwise would be an enjoyable trail. Thankfully, Kawasaki's full suspension mountain bike provides riders with a shock absorber fork, which will go a long way toward ensuring that you have a relatively smooth ride on the trail.
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