5 Best Fun Hockey Drills

These 5 best fun hockey drills can make practice fly by and keep all the players interested in the sport. When practice becomes monotonous, players may become discouraged or simply bored. Adding a bit of fun to the practice time can make it a time for the players to look forward to.

  1. Two On One.  The first fun hockey drill is the simplistic two-on-one. Divide up the team into groups of three. Give one player in each group a puck. The other two act as his defense. Let each group skate from one end of the court to the other. During the trip, the two defenders do their best to steal the puck while the singular player does his best to keep it in his possession. When they get to the other end, one of the defenders becomes the offensive player. The drill continues with the players rotating as defender and offender.
  2. Figure Eight. For a fun hockey drill that increases a players skating skills, have them skate the figure eight. Often done in figure skating, the drill only requires two cones for each section of the ice court. Set the cones approximately two-feet apart in the center of each face-off circle. Divide the team into groups of four and have them start skating around the cones in a figure eight pattern. Use the whistle to indicate forward than backward skating. The switching back and forth will result in some quick thinking skills as they reverse while turning.
  3. Dodge Puck. Pad up the entire team for this fun hockey drill. Divide up the roster into two teams. Place a team on each side of the center line. Throw out several pucks and let them practice their aim by hitting each other with the pucks. Using a practice puck, or ringette, is suggested to keep injuries from occurring.
  4. Follow the leader. Another fun hockey drill that will improve the team's skating skills is letting them play follow the leader. Give each team captain a group of players. Have them lead them on the ice yelling commands such as "backwards", "on one foot", etc. Instruct the captains to do difficult skating skills for the players to imitate.
  5. The Chain Gang. The final fun hockey drill is a funny one for all. Have the players hook up in a Conga style line. Let them go faster and faster around the rink holding on to one another. Their skating and speed skills will increase from this enjoyable activity.
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