5 Best Fun New Sex Positions To Try

Searching for the 5 best fun new sex positions to try? Below you will find five of the many new sex positions that will give you and your partner sexual gratification many times over. 

  • Have her ride you reverse cowboy. All you men out there love for the woman to do all the work, now you can alternate this fantastic sex position by letting her back face you. Instead of her sitting on you with her looking at you, let her turn around and grab your ankles. This position allows maximum penetration with every thrust of her pelvis, plus a view that all men want to see. 
  • Spread eagle. Yes, this sex position is exactly as it sounds. While you are on your knees, she on her back. Place your partners feet flat on your chest. Have her spread her legs open as wide as they will go, while her feet are still planted on your chest. Penetrate her and let the flying begin. 
  • Soft as a pillow. Place two pillows underneath your partners back, right where it arches. Be sure that her butt cheeks are still touching the bed or floor. Once you have positioned her, Penetrate her vagina as deep as you can. Keep your hands underneath the pillows, pushing up on the pillows as you thrust inside of her. This position will drive your partner absolutely crazy by giving her the best orgasm yet. 
  • Alternate doggie style. Every man loves a woman on all fours just for the penetration aspect of it. What if you could still have that penetration, but even deeper? With your partner on her belly, butt up in the air, her chest completely flattened out, enter her and feel the difference in penetration. Even having her hang over the bed with her butt in the air will give you the deepest penetration out of any sex position. 
  • Rocking chair heaven. If you do not have a rocking chair, pick one up as soon as you can. While she is sitting on the chair, spread open,feet resting on the cushion, enter her vagina and let the chair to the work. You can even alternate by letting her sit on you instead. Either way you go, the house will be rocking!

Imagination is what brings fun, new, sex positions. Try all these, then alternate them. Sex and fun go hand in hand. The more you experiment with different fun, sexual positions. The better sex you will have ! 

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