5 Best G Shock Wrist Watches

The 5 best G-Shock wrist watches are durable watches built by Casio. Their atomic engineering makes them extremely accurate, and they have all of the functions you could ever need in a watch. When judging the 5 best G-Shock wrist watches, you want to take into account the features and value each watch has to offer.

  1. G-Shock Model GA110DR-1A. This G-Shock model comes with a stopwatch that is accurate up to 1/1000th of a second. It is ISO200M waterproof, shock-resistant and has a pre-programmed calendar up to 2099. The battery life on this model is two years. Its special "Lego" inspired face graphic makes it one of the best G-Shock wrist watches around.
  2. G-Shock Model AWG100BC-1AV. The simple but effective design of this model is what makes it a great G-Shock wrist watch. It is shock-resistant like all of the G-Shock models, but this has a more sleek look to it that makes it something you could wear at a causal event. The stainless steel and resin wristband make it even more durable.
  3. G-Shock Model GWF1000-1. This G-Shock watch has everything a scuba diver could ever need. Durable solar power panels, moon data, a tide graph, a battery alarm to let you know when your battery is running low and a dive time interval counter. If you are a scuba diver, then you know why this is one of the best G-Shock wrist watches on the market.
  4. G-Shock Model GW330A-9V. This watch is perfect for helping you keep track of your workout and lets you know when it is time to rest. The watch has a 1/100th of second stopwatch, a time recorder, atomic timekeeping that receives regular signals to keep your watch as accurate as possible and a back-light for nighttime running.
  5. G-Shock Model GX56. This watch should be on any list of great G-Shock wrist watches. It has a durable construction, is ISO200M water-resistant, can withstand mud, displays world times and has a back-light for use in the dark.



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