5 Best G Spot Vibrators

When a man knows where his partner's G-spot is, he will either use his penis to get that orgasm or find five of the best G-spot vibrators that will. If you're not sure which vibrator to choose that will give your partner the ultimate G-spot orgasm, look no further. Here is a list of five of the best G-spot vibrators for women and men to use for maximum G-spot pleasure.

  1. Want to go to Paris without leaving the country? The Paris vibrator is the one for you and your partner. It's a sure fire way to give her that G-spot orgasm you have been waiting for. The Paris vibrator is eight inches long, water-resistant, sleek, soft and mushy. It is ribbed for maximum pleasure and has a powerful vibrating speed to give the woman an amazing, unexpected G-spot orgasm. Both of you will be glad you invested in such a greet sex toy. 
  2. The Gigi G-spot vibrator is right on point when living up to its name and reason for being made. The Gigi has five functions and seven speeds to give your partner the ultimate G-spot orgasm. The Gigi is 6-1/2 inches long and does exactly what it promises. This is a fun sex toy that will benefit the man and woman both.
  3. The We-Vibe II Personal Massager is one of those sex toys you want to keep high on a shelf so your woman cannot over use it while you're not around. This amazing vibrator/massager is a G-spot stimulator like no other sex toy. Just 3.5-inches in length, this double pleasure vibrator has one piece that rests on the clitoris, while the other piece massages the G-spot simultaneously. You can even put yourself inside of her while the toy is inside of her to feel the amazing vibration going on. With nine vibrations modes, the We-Vibe II will allow both of you to explore new levels of orgasmic intensity like no other toy around. 
  4. The Lelo Nea Pleasure Object is just that–a pleasurable object sure to make your woman screams for pleasure while having one of the best G-spot orgasms ever. The insertable part is four inches long that reaches and massages the G-spot with pleasurable force, while the smaller part gently lies and vibrates her clitoris to ecstasy. It is made from 100 percent silicone and has four hours of rechargeable battery life. The best feature are the eight speeds that increase in vibration. You cannot go wrong with the Lelo Nea Pleasure Object–it is surely a pleasurable object indeed.
  5. The Saucy Black G-Spot Caress may not be one of the pricier G-spot vibrators on the market, however it is one of the most effective with its unique curvature design, its soft G-spot tip to get exactly in the right place at the right time and its amazing vibration mode. This is one sex toy you need to buy that will bring sheer satisfaction to any woman's sexual urges. Since this vibrator is waterproof, you and your woman can get into the pool, hot tub, shower, bath or lake and enjoy the sheer pleasure it will bring to her. 
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