5 Best G3 Telemark Skis

The 5 best G3 Telemark skis will knock your ski boots off. Not literally, but these G3 Telemark skis are sick. Telemark offers wide-open powder, sweet turns and an appreciation of the backcountry; these five G3 Telemark ski embrace this and more. If you are a Telemark skier or if you're looking into taking up the sport, check out these skis. Telemark skis are designed to fit the movement and needs of the sport. These five Telemark skies offer it all for the serious Telemark skier. Check out the details below for the five best G3 Telemark skies, then head to the mounting and try them out.


  1. G3 El Hombre Telemark Ski is a top of the line ski built for the freestyle Telemark skier. The wide footprint is ideal for Telemark with grab, hold and thrust in tight spots. This ski is light footed, durable and simply sick.
  2. G3 Zenoxide Telemark Ski provides a sleek build with a narrow gait, promoting speed and sharpness. Tackle the backcountry with grace and vigor. This quick and lightweight ski makes uphill easy work. This is an exceptional ski for the freestyle or touring Telemark skier.
  3. G3 Tonic Telemark Ski is built with wrecking terrain in effortless Telemark adventure. With a relaxed fit and ultra firm underbelly, this free ride Telemark ski is idea for the recreational skier. It's built to last and provide a durable platform for long term skiing.
  4. G3 Saint Telemark Ski is a fat-based tuned Telemark ski made for the backcountry recreational skier looking to enjoy skiing without the need for boasting. The wide footprint provides a comfortable and smooth road over backcountry powder. Ease of ride is best suited for the casual free rider not looking to shred the mountain.
  5. G3 Spitfire Telemark Ski is the ideal ride for the technical Telemark skier. Its flirty design is perfect for technical adventure in the backcountry. This ski provides a glide ride over powder with smooth turns and flotation for comfort.
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