5 Best Gears Of War 2 Weapons

If you are just overwhelmed by the variety of weapons offered to you, this list of the top 5 best weapons in Gears of War 2 would be just what the doctor ordered. These are the best choices for you to glib your opponents into a pile of red mush. They are also what you have been getting turned into mush with the most often.

  1. Torque Bow. Unleash your inner Turok the Dinosaur Hunter with the deadly Torque Bow. Deadly accurate from long distances, the Torque bow is an automatic kill if you can tag your opponent anywhere. Being able to set traps by shooting just ahead or behind an enemy helps too.
  2. Mortar. The mortar can almost be considered a support weapon, except it can blow mutliple enemies into itty bitty bits from very far away. You will need to have an escort though, the gun carrying kind not the ladylike kind, as carrying this gun causes you to run excruciatingly slow. The sheer carnage you can cause with this definitely off sets the slow speed and makes it one of the best Gears of War 2 weapons.
  3. Gorgon Pistol. The Gorgon is so powerful in close range that you might not need anything else. While its shots are powerful, its the effective melee distance that will help you out the most if you find yourself in a close combat situation. If somebody gets within the range, one quick lash out with the pistol will turn their head into something that resembles a head slightly less. Sorry, I was out of analogies.
  4. Sniper Rifle. This should go without saying- the sniper rifle is generally one of the best weapons in any game, Gears of War 2 or otherwise. The best option if you are trying to keep yourself out of danger, which is a good idea considering how often you will come in direct gory contact with our number one gun. It does have a higher learning curve than the rest of the guns- the long reload time will make you vulnerable if you don't hit that headshot on your first shot. But all gamers should be following the first commandment anyway: Thou shalt Boom Headshot alwayseth.
  5. Lancer. Thus, the most dangerous of the top 5 best Gears of War weapons. Also the most frustrating to most gamers. The Lancer is arguably the best gun in the game, with a large clip, good accuracy close up and at a medium distance, and a chainsaw attached to it, it is hard to find something more devastating in every area. The only real downfall is that the chainsaw animation takes so long to finish it is almost guaranteed that you will be shot in the back, that is easily negated by the fact that you are chainsawing someone in the face.


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