5 Best Gel Bicycle Seats

The 5 best gel bicycle seats are seats that have latched on to the explosion in the popularity of gel bicycle seats in the last several years. Introduced to the marketplace about ten years prior, gel bicycle seats are quite popular today on account of their increased comfort because they do a great job of spreading the pressure of your weight across the whole seat. To be effective, gel bicycle seats must also be the proper style and design for your sit-bones.

  1. Ventura Gel Bicycle Saddle. Taking the number one spot easily, this gel bicycle seat from Ventura combines great value with unmatched comfort, springs and a convenient seat clamp that allows a very secure seat post attachment. With this Ventura gel bicycle saddle, you and your rear end will be able to endure longer hours on your bicycle.
  2. Velo Out-look Gel Bicycle Saddle. Velo's Out-look Gel Bicycle Saddle comes in at number two because it has a special Elastomer shock absorption, which lends your seat extra padding. The next time you're part of an Iron Man competition and need to ride your bicycle for a long time, choose Velo's gel bicycle seat.
  3. Bell GelTech Seat with Air Gel. With Honeycomb Air Gel pockets to ensure a really soft and comfortable ride, the Bell GelTech Seat with Air Gel will give your tired buns a welcome respite, especially on long bike rides. At an affordable price to boot, this gel bicycle seat will relieve pressure as you sit and also ensures that its gel padding is placed right under your important pelvic pressure points.
  4. Selle San Marco Lyberty Arrowhead Gel Saddle. As far as gel bicycle seats go, this model by Selle San Marco features a waterproof, Soft-Touch outer layer that envelops a gel-padded interior layer. Your sensitive nerves along your pelvic points will thank you for choosing this gel bicycle seat because of its design's cut-out, which is anatomically positioned.
  5. Schwinn Original Equipment Gel Saddle. At number five due to its contoured design and ergonomic approach to pressure relief for bike riders, the Schwinn gel bicycle seat is priced affordably as a further bonus. If you are one of those bicyclists who dislikes road vibrations, then Schwinn's chromoly rails will absorb this.
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