5 Best German Actors

Germany has produced some amazing actors—so much so, it's difficult to select which ones deserve to be on a list of the 5 best German actors. However, these actors have not only burned themselves into German consciousness, but American as well.
  1. Christian Oliver. One of the up and coming actors on the five best German actors list, this model turned actor has had roles in films like “Valkyrie” and “The Good German” and television stints on Germany's “Alarm für Cobra 11”. He's worked on both sides of the Atlantic.
  2. Franka Potente. The public got to really know Franka Potente in “Blow” and in “The Bourne Identity” as her character, Marie, helped Jason Bourne get to know himself. A regular on the German screen, she's gone on to play other roles, with “Run Lola Run” being a film that found popularity in the States and landed her on the list of five best German actors.
  3. Til Schweiger. Actor/director Til Schweiger's face has been seen regularly in not only Xavier Naidoo videos, but on German and American film screens, making him one of the five best German actors. Most recently, he was seen in Quentin Tarantino's “Inglorious Basterds”.
  4. Jürgen Prochnow. Thanks to this actor's good command of English, he enjoys success in both his native country and in the U.S. and is one of the five best German actors. Most well-known for his work in “Dune” as the Duke Leto Atriedes and in “Das Boot”, Prochnow was once considered for the role of the Terminator, which eventually went to Arnold Scwarzenegger.
  5. Claudia Schiffer. The darling of the modeling world in the 90s, Claudia Schiffer had other plans for her life than modeling. She wanted to become a lawyer like her pop, but her uncanny resemblance to Brigitte Bardot landed her square on the fashion pages. This model turned actor makes the list of five best German actors.
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