5 Best ‘Get Smart’ Movie Quotes

In a quirky, staccato, and expressionless tone the 5 best 'Get Smart' movie quotes are delivered onscreen requiring an attentive, and astute audience to get the humor of the dialogue. What follows are five examples of humor incognito. 

  1.  [Maxwell and Agent 99 swing towards a window but they hit the wall] Maxwell Smart: “Missed it by that much.” In this quote, Maxwell Smart is shown as the ultimate example of the person who sees the glass half full, instead of half empty. The world needs more Maxwell Smart types.
  2. [Larabee is texting during a briefing.] Agent 23: "What are you doing? Are you texting? Larabee: Yea. Letting my fiancée know we won’t be able to married in June, ‘cause I’ll still be in this meeting. [23 smirks] Agent 23: Can I see that for a second? Larabee: Yea. Agent 23: That’s great. [23 breaks the phone] Agent 23: Well, that’s weird. You lost signal.” At times, actions are more fitting for the occasion. In this 'Get Smart'movie quote, Larabee is oblivious to proper cellphone etiquette, and Agent 23 gives an impromptu lesson on good manners.
  3. The Chief: "If you don’t find that screen, Mr. Larabee, I’m going to have you hunting for land mines…with a hammer!” The Chief was never one to mince words, and when trying to get the point across to Larabee, the Chief was forced to use a vivid word picture.  Kaboom! Even, Larabee could not misinterpret the message in this 'Get Smart' movie quote.
  4. [Max walks in to see CONTROL in shambles. Looks over and sees Bruce and Lloyd underneath a table] Maxwell Smart: "Bruce!  Lloyd!  What happened here…and what is that ungodly smell? Lloyd: Fear” A lion can smell it as it stalks its prey, and the smell of fear permeated CONTROL headquarters after a KAOS attack. United States intelligence agents, too, are susceptible to the honest emotion of fear.
  5. Agent 99: "Inside there’s a pill, if captured it will cause death in nine seconds. Maxwell Smart: Great, but how exactly do I get them to take it? [pause] Maxwell Smart: Not much of a laugher are you?” Agent 99 is all business while on the job, which is a necessity when teamed with Maxwell Smart. Sorry about that, Maxwell. 

And there you have a list of the 5 best 'Get Smart' movie quotes.  Some quotes contain subtle humor, while others are pregnant with irony, but the 'Get Smart' fan gets it.

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