5 Best ‘Ghost Whisperer’ Episodes

The 5 best ""Ghost Whisperer"" episodes are hard to choose as so many of them are stellar. The emotional depth that all of the episodes have and the stellar acting by Jennifer Love Hewitt and fellow actors make it well worth watching. The fact that this show has an actual medium as a producer makes it far more realistic than some other fictional shows and movies on this topic. Here are the five best ""Ghost Whisperer"" episodes.

  1. "Pilot" This is the very first episode and a favorite in the among the best "Ghost Whisperer" episodes.  It introduces us to a medium named Melinda Gordon who has had the ability to talk to ghosts since she was a small child. In this episode Melinda marries paramedic Jim Clancy. During her wedding the spirit of a soldier who died in Vietnam comes to her and asks her to contact his son. The man's son does not believe that she can see and speak to his father. It is only when his wife convinces him to contact the Pentagon that he believes because they are able to use what Melinda told him to find his father's remains. While some might call this episode predictable and with no surprises, it has a strong emotional element. If you have relatives who died in Vietnam or other wars whose bodies were never recovered, it really hits home.
  2. "Love Still Won't Die" Of the best "Ghost Whisperer" episodes, this one is great. A ghost comes to Melinda and asks her to contact his wife. The wife is truly ticked off when Melinda shows up because she has remarried and believes Melinda is talking about her current husband. Eventually Melinda figures out that the ghost has been less than honest with her and has a connection to her that she is not happy being reminded of. This is also the episode where Delia and Ned are introduced. There is a side story about Ned shoplifting Grateful Dead memorabilia. It turns out he is under the influence of a teen ghost who used to own the memorabilia and will not cross over until he has found good homes for all his stuff.
  3. "Bad Blood" Bad Blood is the most entertaining episode and definitely deserves its place in 5 best "Ghost Whisperer" episodes. There are two really nasty ghosts who are affecting a girl and her father with their negativity. They possess both and then try to get them to harm each other. When Melinda realizes what is going on she takes a huge risk by trying to convince the man and his daughter of what is happening. The ghosts do not want to cooperate and refuse to tell Melinda who they are. They force her to play twenty questions and by the time she figures everything out, it is almost too late.
  4. "Leap of Faith" This episode is another favorite. It definitely fits in the best "Ghost Whisperer" episodes. This is the episode where Jim who has died and taken over the body of Sam, finally remembers that he is Jim. Melinda and Jim are reunited and Melinda has to break it to him that he is not in the same body he was before. This is kind of a shock for Jim but it still works out and he is able to overcome the fact that he does not look as he did before.
  5. "Old Sins Cast Long Shadows" In this, the last of the best "Ghost Whisperer" episodes, Melinda purchases a house full of antiques. The house is in mint condition as are the antiques, and she is not sure why it is being sold. Donna the home's former owner finally confesses that her daughter died while the family was living in the home. It is not long though before Melinda figures out there is more going on. It turns out that the daughter, Cassidy, has been trapped by a malevolent spirit who lived in the house during the 1930's. If Melinda cannot help her and two other ghosts cross over, something terrible will happen. Also, Delia does not want Ned to help Melinda anymore, but she saves the day in the end.
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