5 Best Gifts For 1st Year Girlfriend

Your first year anniversary with your girlfriend can be a turning point, so here are some of the 5 best gift ideas for 1st year girlfriend to keep things going smoothly. First, make sure you have the date right, you don't want to miss the big day! Next, pay attention to what your girlfriend likes and doesn't like in the weeks leading up to your anniversary.

  1. Romantic Weekend. When you've been together for a year, it's time to test your compatibility by traveling together. Plan a romantic weekend getaway to a posh hotel. Celebrate your 1st year anniversary by being alone together.
  2. Bracelet. The great thing about giving your girlfriend a bracelet is that you don't need to worry about getting the right size. Most bracelets will fit any woman. A trip to a jeweler will help you select a bracelet in your price range.
  3. Keys. After a year, you are probably spending a lot of time together. This might be the perfect time to give her keys to your apartment. This is an inexpensive gift that shows how much you care about your girlfriend.
  4. Spa Day. Get a gift certificate for your girlfriend to go to a local spa by herself, or you can set up a couple's massage. Either way you go, every woman loves to relax at the spa. She will be putty in your hands after she comes home!
  5. Shopping. When all else fails, take her shopping to her favorite store. You can watch her pick out items and try them on. Together you can pick an amazing outfit that makes her look amazing.

After you spend time picking out the perfect gift, don't forget to buy a card for your girlfriend too. Women love to get cards. Take a few moments to write how you feel about her in the card and it will be something she cherishes until your next anniversary.

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