5 Best Goals Of Ronaldinho

To every soccer fan, life is the World Cup and the 5 best goals of Ronaldinho are its highlight. Ronaldinho was born Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, but is commonly known as "Ronaldinho Gaucho" to both fans and peers. What readily sets him apart from other soccer superstars is his humility. Let us examine what this great Brazilian soccer player is made of.

  1. World Cup (June 2002) The crowd was cheering at the edge of their seat as Ronaldinho prepares for the free kick and scores. What an outrageous, unbelievable kick! Ronaldinho sent in a 35-meter floater against England.
  2. FIFA Confederation Cup (June 2005) Team captain Ronaldinho lead the Brazilian squad to a four to one final victory against Argentina and contributed a goal from teammate Cicinho’s cross in the opening minutes of the second half.  Ronaldinho's brilliant performance in the mid-field was honored with the Anheuser-Busch Man of the Match Award in addition to assisting Brazil win its second FIFA Confederations Cup title.
  3. FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (November 2005) The crowd could hardly contain their excitement as Ronaldinho scored not one, but two outstanding goals against Real Madrid. Ronaldinho's first goal was a display of pure Brazilian soccer flair, beating two defenders with stunning dribbles and left Real Madrid's goalkeeper dazed and confused when he slotted the ball to the keeper’s left for the goal. Barcelona’s three to zero win left the audience in awe, so much so that even Madrid fans gave him a standing ovation.
  4. Vllarreal vs. Barcelona (November 2006) It was totally unexpected, but Ronaldinho masterfully executed an amazing bicycle kick to score his second goal of the match and his 51st Spanish La Liga goal.
  5. Barcelona vs. Chelsea (March 2006) It was a big game for both teams in the 2006 UEFA Championship. Ronaldinho picked apart the reigning English Premier League champion's defense to score in the 78th minute of the match. The sheer talent Ronaldinho possesses was on full display as the goal decisively sealed the fates of both Chelsea players and fans as Barcelona advanced on to the quarterfinals.  
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