5 Best Golden State Warriors Players of All Time

The Golden State Warriors franchise has a long history, and a number of Hall of Fame players throughout its history; so choosing the 5 best Golden State Warriors players of all time isn't too much of a challenge.  From the days of the Philadelphia Warriors to the San Francisco Warriors and Golden State Warriors, there are ten Hall of Fame players who compete on the list of the 5 best Golden State Warriors players of all time.  Those that played at least half of their career with the franchise are only included; sorry Jerry Lucas and Robert Parish.  Here are the 5 best Golden State Warriors players from the franchise's history, in chronological order.

  1. Joe Fulks.  Fulks was one of the first players in the Hall of Fame.  In his first three seasons he averaged 23.9 games at a time when games did not score more than 70 or 75 points, due to the lack of a shot clock; in other seasons his average increased.  Fulks was known for pioneering the jump shot and for his athletic driving ability.
  2. Paul Arizin.  A ten-time All Star and one of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players, Paul Arizin was a great scorer at the forward position.  He led the Philadelphia Warriors to the 1956 NBA title, along with Neil Johnston.  He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1978.
  3. Wilt ChamberlainQuite simply one of the most dominant player ever to play the game.  He holds numerous records, including thirteen All-Star appearances and two championships (with other teams).  Wilt's 100-point game and other extensive feats makes him an easy choice for the 5 best Golden State Warriors players of all time.  Wilt also made the 50 Greatest Players list and the Hall of Fame, of course.
  4. Nate Thurmond.  Taking over Wilt's role with the franchise, Nate developed into a seven-time All-Star, Hall of Famer, and was later named as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history.  Only exceeded by Bill Russell and Wilt, Thurmond averaged 21.3 and 22.0 rebounds in 1966-67 and 1967-68, respectively.  Thurmond was also interestingly the first player to record a quadruple-double.
  5. Rick Barry.  The only player to lead the NCAA, NBA, and ABA in scoring, Rick Barry could do it all.  One of the best pure small forwards of all time, he exceeded on both sides of the game and was a great team player.  Barry lead the Warriors to a championship in 1975, had eight All-Star appearances, and is also on the 50 Greatest Players list.  Rick Barry appropriately ends the list  skilled players found in the 5 best Golden State Warriors players of all time.
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