5 Best Goldie Hawn Movies

Choosing just the 5 best Goldie Hawn movies is tough, but here goes! Goldie Hawn has been making movies for decades. She's mostly known for making audiences laugh in comedies, but she's actually done all types of films, from romantic comedy to action adventure. 

  1. "Cactus Flower." This is Goldie Hawn's first major film role and one of the best Goldie Hawn films. She also won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award in 1969 for her role in this romantic comedy based on a Broadway show. This film also stars Hollywood powerhouses Walter Matthau and Ingrid Bergman.
  2. "Private Benjamin." In this hilarious farce and box office smash, Goldie Hawn stars as a rich socialite who joins the army and finds herself in some interesting situations. Hawn was nominated for an Oscar for her role in this movie, although she didn't win it is still one of the best of her movies.
  3. "The Sugarland Express." This movie is an example of one of Goldie Hawn's lesser-known dramatic roles. Directed by Steven Spielberg, Hawn plays a wife who, along with her husband, is trying to escape the law.
  4. "Overboard." This movie stars Goldie Hawn alongside her real-life boyfriend, Kurt Russell. She plays a rich woman who falls off her yacht, suffering amnesia. Russell plays a single dad, who along with his kids takes in Hawn and convinces her she's their mom, and Russell's wife. This film is classic Goldie Hawn and of ther best!
  5. "The First Wives Club." In this "chick flick" film, Goldie Hawn plays a jilted ex-wife. She stars alongside Bette Midler and Diane Keaton as ex-wives who join together to seek revenge on their husbands.
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