5 Best Gonzaga Basketball Players Ever

Because of their recent NCAA tournament success, putting together a list of the 5 best Gonzaga basketball players of all time is daunting task. However, there are a few players that stand out, not only because of their statistics, but because of the role they played in catapulting an otherwise little-known program to national prominence.

  1. John Stockton As a hometown kid, Stockton was a natural fit for Gonzaga. During his tenure as a Bulldog, Stockton showcased the skills that would later make him, arguably, the greatest point guard of all time. In his senior season, he averaged an impressive twenty points and seven assists per game. More impressive was his nearly four steals per contest–that's some serious defense.
  2. Dan Dickau After languishing on the bench for two years at Washington, Dickau decided to transfer to Gonzaga. In his junior year he averaged nineteen points and six assists for an exciting Gonzaga team. Dickau came back for his senior year and increased his scoring to 21 per game. He made Bulldog history leading his team to the 2001 Sweet 16, opening the door for perennial tournament success.
  3. Adam Morrison Unfortunately, Morrison is mostly remembered as a draft day bust and for a questionable moustache, but when he was at Gonzaga, not only was he was one of the best players in Bulldog history, he was also one of the most prolific scorers in college basketball history. In his senior season, Morrison averaged a ridiculous 28 points per game for a very good Gonzaga team.
  4. Frank Burgess Before Stockton, Morrison and Dickau, Frank Burgess put Gonzaga basketball on the national map. Still the all-time leading scorer in school history, Burgess led the nation in 1961 in scoring with an average of an eye-popping 32 points per game. In his senior year, he set another school record for points in a game with an insane 52 points. Burgess has to be on any list of best Gonzaga basketball players of all time.
  5. Matt Santangelo Santangelo led a Gonzaga team that nearly made it to the Final Four in 1999. The Gonzaga all-time leader in assists, Santangelo was instrumental in placing Gonzaga–a private school in a "mid-major" conference–on the national basketball radar.
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