5 Best Goose And Maverick Quotes

"Top Gun" was one of the most popular movies of the 80s and still has a following today, giving us the 5 best Goose and Maverick quotes. Everyone loved "Top Gun", which included Tom Cruise as the hot Maverick and Anthony Edwards played his side-kick Goose. Maverick made girls blush and guys wanted to be him. Goose was the good friend who made everyone laugh and want to be his friend. Val Kilmer played the rival Iceman. The movie was full of beautiful women (Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan) along with fast planes. With so many unforgettable actors quotes and thrills, it’s no wonder people still remember the movie today.

  1. Maverick: “I feel the need…” Maverick, Goose: “…the need for speed!” Movie goers agree, this is the most memorable quote referenced still today from "Top Gun". The movie grossed well over $350 million dollars with its good-looking men and super fast planes. It’s no wonder the world had a need for speed! The movie is still so popular there is a following of people who have claimed May 13th as "Top Gun" Day. This quote is the only quote from" Top Gun" that ranked on the AFI’s 100 Years 100 Movie Quotes from 2005 at #94.
  2. Viper: “Good morning, gentlemen, the temperature is 110 degrees.” Wolfman: “Holy shit, it’s Viper!” Goose: “Viper’s up here, great… oh shit…”  Maverick: “Great, he’s probably saying, “Holy shit, it’s Maverick and Goose.”” Goose: “Yeah, I’m sure he’s saying that.” There is no lack of wit, humor or sarcasm with Maverick and Goose. In this scene the two are doing a simulation training flight. Over the headsets everyone hears the voice of their Captain, who many fear, but Maverick wants to prove that he is just as good as his father, who flew with Viper.
  3. Maverick: “This is what I call a target rich environment.” Goose: “You live your life between your legs Mav.” Maverick: “Goose, even you could get laid in a place like this.” Goose:” Hell, I’d be happy to just find a girl that would talk dirty to me.” One of the many things that made "Top Gun" the popular hit it was could have been the simple fact that Maverick was such a ladies’ man. This simple quote shows what it was like for Goose being Mavericks wingman. Even though Goose was married, it sure would have been nice for him to have a beautiful women pay attention to him instead of Maverick. In the "Top Gun" world, everyone wanted to be Maverick.
  4. Goose: “No. No, Mav, this is not a good idea.” Maverick: “Sorry Goose, but it’s time to buzz a tower.” Maverick is known for his practical jokes, one of his favorite is buzzing by the control tower as close as possible to gives the boys a nice little scare. In this scene, he once again does his fly by which startles an officer that spills coffee all over himself. The audience, as well as Goose and Maverick find great humor in this.
  5. Maverick: [Flying above MiG upside down] Goose: “Is this your idea of fun, Mav?” Once again showing he has skills, an attitude and the desire to be the best, Maverick shows us and the rest of the "Top Gun" crew just what he is capable of in one of the movies most memorable scenes. Only two officers have ever been able to do this move, Maverick and his father. The MiG is upside down and directly on top of another.
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