5 Best Goose From ‘Top Gun’ Quotes

The 5 best Goose “Top Gun” quotes are exactly what a co-pilot would say to his pilot. “Top Gun” was a movie centered about a pilot “Maverick” who set his goal on being the best pilot in a class of elite pilots. Goose was his co-pilot, best friend and all around good guy. Goose was loose which helped Maverick stay on top of his game.

  1. The defense department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid.” Goose was not at a loss for words on his thoughts of bureaucracy makes this a top five Goose “Top Gun” quote.
  2. They were abused children.” Funny reference to fellow pilots in the “Top Gun” flying school class. Of course the characters Iceman and Slider were less than amused.
  3. “Come on Mav, do some pilot shit.” Just words of encouragement from Goose to Maverick, a most memorable Goose quote from “Top Gun.”
  4. “We’re going ballistic, Mav, go get ‘em.” Spoken like an overly aggressive cocky co-pilot. That’s why Goose rocked!
  5. “No, no, no. There’s two “O’s” in Goose, boys.” Goose here was referring to the plaque of “Top Guns” the best pilots of all who graduated from that elite class. He was kidding of course but his likeable character had the best “Top Gun” quotes in the motion picture.

While the “I have a need, a need for speed” quote didn’t make the list it’s only because it was a shared quote by Maverick and Goose in the film. You can’t remember “Top Gun” without this quote but the movie would not have been as much fun without these five best Goose quotes who just kept Maverick’s spirits uplifted.



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