5 Best Government Computer Jobs

If you're a computer lover who wants to work with computers for a living, don't miss a chance to check into the 5 best government computer jobs and see if one matches your skills or interests. Government jobs come with many extra benefits, such as health insurance, pay well, and allow you to challenge yourself with new and exciting projects.

  1. Computer Systems Analysis. The computer systems analysis job provides one of the best entry level openings into a government computer job. As a systems analyst, you'll be on call when problems arise to help diagnose and fix any technical issues that come up in relation to the computer systems in place. You'll also play a role in deciding what computer systems will work best at your place of employment and keep these systems updated and running smoothly.
  2. Computer Programmer. Computer programming is also at the top of the list for the best government computer jobs because it offers so much flexibility and is in high demand. Anything a computer needs to do, from running a sophisticated program to making basic calculations, requires a computer programmer to code the programs that make these actions available. With this knowledge you'll not only bring home a decent paycheck, but have vast flexibility in choosing what field you want to work in.
  3. Computer Software Engineer. Though similar to the computer programmer, don't get the two jobs confused. As a software engineer, you're responsible for designing and fixing problems with specific pieces of software while a computer programmer typically has an array of programming skills for different jobs and glitches that need to be fixed. If you enjoy working on large projects instead of a variety of smaller job, consider a government job as a software engineer.
  4. Computer Security Specialists. A computer security specialist not only provides a challenge to the worker who likes tackling new problems, but also pays well and creates high demand jobs. This is one of the best government computer jobs due to the vast amount of security work required to protect government secrets and technology. 
  5. Computer Technician. Also good for the beginner looking to break into the government job field, the computer technician role is a more downplayed version of a computer systems analysis job. Technicians generally deal with a specific computer or problem instead of dealing with an entire network or system of computers. They may work under a computer system analysis employee and can build up to more advanced government computer jobs with experience. 
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