5 Best Government Engineering Jobs

The 5 Best government engineering jobs represent only a handful of the types of government jobs that are actually on the market. Many engineers work to develop new products or they work to improve the products that are already on the market. By applying the principles of mathematics and science, government engineers work to develop economic solutions to various technical problems. Below are best government engineering jobs.

  1. Aerospace Engineers: Aerospace Engineer is one of the best government engineering jobs because they have the ability to specialize into aeronautical engineers or astronomical engineers. The main function of an aerospace engineer is the ability to design, test and help with the manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles. While working for the government, aerospace engineers develop technology for defense systems, space exploration or aviation.
  2. Agricultural Engineers: With the ability to work in research and development, production, sales or management, agricultural engineers have one of the best government engineering jobs. There main job function is to develop ways to conserve soil and water and improve the processing of agricultural products.
  3. Biomedical Engineers: As another one of the best government engineering jobs, biomedical engineers help design devices used in medical procedures. Many biomedical engineers also work alongside medical scientists to help develop systems and products such as artificial organs, instrumentation or medical information systems. Biomedical engineers need to have solid backgrounds in mechanical or electronic engineering  to work in the biomedical field.
  4. Chemical Engineers: Chemical Engineers have one of the best government engineering jobs. It is there responsibility to know all aspects of chemical manufacturing and how manufacturing process affects the safety and health of workers and consumers. Chemical engineers also have the ability to work in other chemical manufacturing industries such as those that produce energy, food, clothing and even paper.
  5. Civil Engineers: Civil engineers make up the oldest discipline of the engineering field making it also one of the best government engineering jobs. There are many specialties that civil engineers can choose from including structural, water resources, construction, transportation and geotechnical engineering. The main engineering job that civil engineers are responsible for are building bridges, roads, airports, dams, sewage systems and buildings.
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